• ADIRAS – Associated Directories Association- is an organization that is made up of businessmen, owners of small and medium companies, which they are integrated into DIRAS groups, in order to help each other to make better decisions, to improve the performance of their business and lead companies to a higher level of performance.
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  • (Español) THE HIVE es un ecosistema de innovación colaborativa en salud que busca ofrecer a todo el sector un espacio neutral, transparente y sin fines de lucro en dónde todos los stakeholders puedan trabajar de forma colaborativa en la búsqueda de la transformación del sector salud hacia un modelo basado en valor para los pacientes, sustentable y transparente.
  • Company dedicated to safety , hygiene, environmental and industrial maintenance engineering Location: Edificio Insignia M3 – PB Contact: +54 (11) 5368 1267
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  • (Español) Empresa especializada en el movimiento de fluidos corrosivos y abrasivos para industrias Mineras, Químicas, O&G Petroquímicas y Tratamiento de agua; en Argentina y la región. Operando de acuerdo a estándares internacionales con certificación ISO9001, Trace y Siclar, All Pumps Argentina S.A. es un socio clave para organizaciones locales y multinacionales, con un equipo dinámico y bilingüe que acompaña a los usuarios desde CAPEX inicial hasta puesta en marcha y contratos de mantenimiento.

    Localización: Edificio Insignia M3 - PB Izquierda
    Contacto: (0810) 888-4826
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  • Association for Sport, Education and Social promotion, - well public institution that aims to encourage and guide the development of private education centers – chose Parque Austral for Cauquén, their maternal and kinder garden.  Its mission is to develop quality education, cooperating with parents in their children education.

    Location: Lote A2

    Contact: Tel. +54 230 - 4300420/067

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  • (Español) Desde 1978, este Estudio de Arquitectura familiar ha crecido construyendo oficinas, sedes empresariales, residencias de embajadas, y residencias particulares, Radicados en Pilar desde 1985, hoy proyectan y construyen casas en la región y alrededores de la provincia de Buenos Aires, a través de sus dos áreas de especialidad: casas premium a medida y casas de modelos tipificados.

    Contacto: (011) 5874 8938
    Localización: Edificio Insignia M4 - PB
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  • “The Barn”is a civil association which offers a therapeutic and recreational space, in order to rehabilitate and integrate into society people with disabilities through equine therapy. Its mission is to seek the integral development of human capabilities of each patient, supporting and holding the family in an open and natural space, whose center of action is the horse and its environment.

    Location: Lotes O1 y O3

    Contact: +54 (911) 3195 0602
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  • Flex Space develops modern and flexible areas for companies allowing for the integration of areas, functions and essential activities of a company in the same location, which is the ideal solution for those in need of versatile space with the right infrastructure to settle their offices and facilities for light production, research, development, logistics and storage without resigning quality and comfort. FlexSpace offers "turnkey" solutions, flexible contracts and services customized to our clients' needs.

    Location: FlexSpace Building - Marie Curie and Sabin
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  • (Español) Empresa especializada en venta de impresoras, guillotinas, máquinas de encuadernación, contadoras de billetes, etc; soluciones informáticas, gestión documental, impresión a demanda y alquiler de equipos.
  • Kheiron is an Argentinean company that provides solutions for equine replication and preservation of genetically valuable equines by using the latest techniques of cellular reprograming. They also provide stem cells and regenerative medicine therapy, sex determination services for embryos, as well as a below 196°C cryopreservation bank for the genetic samples of the best horses.

    Location: M4 Insignia Building - 1st Floor
    Contact: +54 (230) 4300080
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  • Mane is a French multinational company that sells fragrances, flavors, synthetic molecules and natural ingredients. The products come from its plants in the U.S., France and Brazil, but they expected to produce for the regional market from Parque Austral, where they are installing a Mix Room of Flavors and Fragrances.

    Location: Flex Space Building - Module 1

    Contact: Tel.: +5411 4855-1504 / 4855-2598

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  • (Español) MuleSoft’s mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data and devices. With its API-led approach to connectivity, MuleSoft’s market-leading Anypoint Platform™ is enabling over 1,000 organizations in approximately 60 countries to build application networks.
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  • RedGuard is a private security company that uses state-of-the-art technology to design its security systems. Surveillance, guard over goods in transit, bodyguards, environmental analysis, access control and perimeter detection, CCTV and urban video surveillance, alarm and image monitoring and satellite watch are some of the services provided by the company.

    Location: M4 Insignia Building - 1st Floor
    Contact: Tel: (54 11) 5269-1300 (Rotativas) / (54 230) 4300003

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  • With more than 10 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and the development of new technologies, a presence in 5 countries in this region, and a total of 250 employees, SkyTel joined Parque Austral and is utilizing two new units of business: a CoWorking space and an incubator for technological projects. These will supplement their existing business segments, which include communications, the development of software and BPO, with the objective of forming a “Center of Development, Technology and Services” of the highest quality.

    Location: Insignia Building M3 - 2nd and 3rd Floors
    Contact: (54 11) 4597-0000

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  • (Español) En Toro Valley desarrollamos software empresarial enfocándonos en incrementar el valor agregado de nuestros clientes. Somos emprendedores jóvenes y prácticos con una visión optimista del futuro. Nuestro producto estrella Toro Expensas gestiona decenas de consorcios liquidando sus expensas y ahorrando tiempo y costos a los administradores.

    Localización: Edificio Insignia M3 - 1er. Piso
    Contacto: +54 (230) 4300070
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