What is Parque Austral?

Parque Austral is the ideal location for those companies that are looking for an innovative, high-tech environment closely connected with academia. Its goal is to provide a unique platform to bring together investment capital and the most valuable intellectual capital in the region, in a safe environment. Parque Austral is equipped with state-of-the-art services to foster the innovation, competitiveness and efficiency of the organizations housed within its premises through the exchange of knowledge and technology between the companies and the university.

Who owns the park?

This business venture was launched by Universidad Austral and developed by the global investment group Taurus Investment Holdings, which has great experience developing projects of this kind worldwide, such as in Europe and the United States.

Where is it located?

Parque Austral is located in the district of Pilar -on 50 km. of the Panamericana Highway- on the Universidad Austral Campus, in front of the IAE Business School and meters away from the Austral Teaching Hospital, the School of Biomedical Sciences and the grounds where all undergraduate courses at Universidad Austral are held. Pilar is only 40 minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires and connected via modern highways. The Pilar district combines the largest and most modern industrial park in the country with high residential growth potential and a growing infrastructure of services and entertainment.

What differentiates Parque Austral from other industrial parks?

Besides tax exemptions, and thanks to its relationship with Universidad Austral, Parque Austral offers access to great intellectual capital, fostering interaction between the companies and the university, following the successful model made popular in Silicon Valley.

What companies and institutions are located at Parque Austral?

14 national and international companies and 2 institutions are already part of Parque Austral. Click here for further information.

What other organizations are there in Parque Austral?

There is a restaurant called Astrolounge that provides catering services to client companies, Cauquén Kindergarten and Day Care Center – a member of the educational organization APDES – which cares for children between 45 days and 4 years old.

How many companies can be housed at Parque Austral?

Parque Austral has a 27-hectare footprint and the capacity to house more than 90 companies.

What kind of companies can lease space in the park?

Parque Austral has been designed to house large national and international companies, small and medium businesses, departments and divisions of larger companies, business associations, public and private R&D institutions, non-governmental organizations, light production companies in need of state-of-the-art technology, service companies, and start-up projects or ventures.

What leasing options are offered at Parque Austral?

Parque Austral offers different leasing options depending on the characteristics, needs and goals of each company within the newest systems of hiring and property acquisition. Thus, it is possible to rent a space as small as 220 m2 in buildings of high architectural quality and flexibility or urbanized land to develop your own corporate building.


About Universidad Austral and IAE

Universidad Austral is a higher education institution founded by the Asociación Civil de Estudios Superiores (ACES) a non-profit civilian entity registered at the Registro Nacional de Entidades de Bien Público. The University promotes research, teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses and offers extension programs. It offers high-quality education through a diverse set of courses, which provide its graduates with tremendous opportunities when entering the labor market. In 1978, ACES created the Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales (IAE), the current School of Business and Management of the University.

What is the relationship between Parque Austral and IAE?

The IAE School of Business and Management at Universidad Austral, is the top university of its kind in the country and a top 30 university in the world. The IAE provides the companies housed in Parque Austral with academic discount rates for its training programs, access to top-tier consultancy through its faculty, and the brightest young minds through its students , along with the possibility of working together on research projects, among other benefits.

What is the relationship between Parque Austral and the Austral Teaching Hospital?

Austral Teaching Hospital grants the companies housed in Parque Austral a 15% discount on its health plan (Austral Salud), in addition to assisting in any pertinent research projects for the companies housed in Parque Austral.

About Taurus

Taurus Investment Holdings, with its more than 35 years of experience in the market, developed and operates the park. Taurus was founded in 1976, in Munich, Germany, as a real estate investment consultant for wealthy families and financial institutions. It has become one of the leading world companies, with more than $2 billion USD worth of real estate properties and more than 1,860,000 m2 of offices, factories, residencies, hotels and other properties successfully acquired and developed throughout the world. Its experience, local presence and access to funds have allowed Taurus to position itself as owner and operator of commercial real estate properties in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany and Turkey. In Argentina and Latin America, it is represented by Taurus Americas.

What incentives does Parque Austral offer?

Parque Austral grants you access to public and private incentives that translate into real benefits for its clients:

• Provincial and municipal tax benefits.

• Access to national and international research, development and business promotion programs.

• Access to borrowing facilities destined to foster research and development of new technologies and applications.

• Access to a global network of companies housed in business, technological and research parks.

• Promotion of the park and its clients to international lending institutions, along with scientific promotion and business development.

What benefits does Parque Austral offer?

Parque Austral also offers academic benefits (discounts for the different training programs at IAE and the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University), health benefits (discount for the Austral Teaching Hospital health plan) and well-being benefits (preferential access and discounts for the University’s sports facilities for the employees of the companies housed in the park).

What other services does Parque Austral offer?

• Planned urbanization and lots with superb views.

• Controlled campus environment and 24/7 security.

• Flexible space specially designed for offices, laboratories and light production.

• Turnkey or built-to-suit options.

• Optic fiber, Internet and intranet services.

• Climate-controlled areas.

• Infrastructure and utilities based on consumption (phone, gas, water and electricity).

• Special needs: oxygen, hydrogen, power generators, etc.

• Parking

• Garbage collection

• Training events

• Scholarship programs and internships.

What was the investment made in Parque Austral?

To date, Taurus and the companies housed in Parque Austral have invested $18 million USD.