Taurus Investment Holdings, a global company with more than 35 years of experience, is responsible for the development and the operation of Parque Austral.

Taurus was founded in 1976, in Munich, Germany, as a real estate investment consultant for wealthy families and financial institutions. It has become one of the leading world companies, with more than 2 billion dollars worth of real estate properties and more than 1,860,000 m2 of offices, factories, residencies, hotels and other properties successfully acquired and developed throughout the world.

Its experience, local presence and access to funds have allowed Taurus to position itself as owner and operator of commercial real estate properties in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany and Turkey. With a portfolio of 56 projects, Taurus is continuously working to keep its inventory up to date by capitalizing on select investment opportunities.

In Argentina and Latin America, it is represented by Taurus Americas.

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